Computer Room Construction & Design

computer roomIn designing computer rooms, CB Cabling Technologies first accesses the client's needs and provide recommendations for improvement or construction.

We are also able to provide our manufacturers' technical support to aid in further assessment or review of the cabling infrastructure and cabinet level security to protect your data center from breaches and disruptions. Thereby we determine a budget based on Management's overview and then conceptualize a plan for the cabling, electrical wiring and cooling system.

This plan and design is then drafted in a layout representation of the cabinet racks, panels and cooling system. In the final stages CB Cabling Technologies will engage in the installation of all structured cabling, electrical and cooling installation. CB Cabling Technologies is also able to work as part of a team with separate contractors based on the Client's organizational/ procurement practices.

We are able to provide future maintenance to ensure the successful and efficient operation of our client's computer or data rooms.


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